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Low Budget Film Program

Havoc fostering the filmmakers of tomorrow.

Independent, low budget, short and student film program.

By collaborating with the young producers and directors, Havoc's objective is to promote the awareness of the need, and use of stunt coordinators, and stunt personnel for all risk performance sequences in production. (Safety is the first priority)

Young filmmakers will learn what qualifies as a stunt, and with the coordinators help, how to execute the stunt, or use alternative film and camera techniques. By properly planning stunts in pre-production, filmmakers will learn the extent risk management is involved in securing the safety of actors and crew. Not only will time and money will be saved during the actual shoot, but also most importantly a higher standard of safety will be in place.

Since the cost of designing, coordinating, and implementing stunt related action is out of the financial reach of many independent filmmakers, it is to Havoc's benefit to keep costs low by offering special rates, resulting in higher production values for the show, and creating better, safer, filmmakers for the future.

Havoc can provide young filmmakers with the opportunity to incorporate safe, superior, specialized, coordination and stunts at budget rates, resulting enhanced marketability.

If stunts are what you need for your project, and you are an independent, low-budget, short film, or student film producer or director, Havoc will examine your script and discuss your needs.


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Havoc knows that better filmmakers means better films, and higher safety standards for the industry.

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Havoc Stunt Services International is a Toronto-based international full-service film and television stunt performance company. We offer a wide variety of talent and abilities, including stunt coordinators and performers with specialist skills from car crashes and simple falls to complex swordplay and fight choreography.
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