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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Havoc Stunt Services?

Havoc Stunt Services is basically run by professional stunt performers and coordinators and is an information dissemination organisation. We have access to stunt coordinators and performers and pass on information and requests to them.

Where are you based?

Havoc Stunt Services as based in Toronto, Canada.

Will you work for free?


The publicity that our show will generate will be helpful to Havoc Stunt Services, so will you work for free?

No. The publicity generated by certain shows does not help Havoc Stunt Services. Granted a lot of people will see the show, but not the industry professionals that usually hire stunt performers and coordinators.

Does Havoc Stunt Services train people to become stunt performers?

No. We are not a training facility.

Is Havoc Stunt Services a stunt school?

No. We are not a training facility.

Can you certify me on a course to do Stunts?

No. We are not a training facility.

What is the address of your training facility?

Again, we are not a training organization. We do not have a building where you can learn or perform stunts.

Havoc Stunt Services web site says that you teach, so why can't I be taught?

Members of Havoc Stunt Services do teach at recognised film and theatre schools. The classes they teach are part of the drama or film school's curriculum. When they teach outside the drama school, the workshops are advertised elsewhere, not through the Havoc Stunt Services website.

Can I join Havoc Stunt Services?

Havoc Stunt Services does not hire performers. Performers are hired by stunt coordinators on a production to production basis.

If I send you my resume and headshot, will I get work?

There are no guarantees of employment from any industry. Sending resumes to Havoc Stunt Services will be a waste of your money. You would be better off finding out what's shooting in your area, then sending your information to the stunt coordinator, care of the production office.

I phoned Havoc Stunt Services and left a message, why did I not get a return call?

We receive hundreds of telephone calls per year. Most are enquiries for employment of stunt performers, or industry related, these calls are returned. Those that remain unanswered are usually from individuals who want to know how to get into the industry. They range from teenagers who are curious, to people who are bored with their present employment and want a change. Some are not returned because the individual who left the message did not leave a number to be called back on. Some have demanded to be hired, or have been just plain rude.

Do I have to be a member of a Union?

Yes. In most countries stunt performers are a part of the acting unions.

How do I join the union?

Contact your local actor's Union; they can answer that question for you.

Can I just be a stunt coordinator?

After a great deal of experience and training.

What physical skills do I need to perform stunts?

Stunt performers come from many different backgrounds. Sports, actors, military, police etc., Stunt performance requires physical fitness, agility and a cool head, so the physical skills required are to numerous to choose from.

Why won't you hire me?

This is usually asked by a complete novice. The answer is simple, stunt performers are hired because they are referred by another stunt coordinator, or because of their body of work.

How do I learn high falls / Air Rams / Fire?

On set after you have been hired, or there are stunt schools, these schools can be found on the Internet.

How long before I can make a living at the stunt game?

On average, unless very lucky, between five and ten years before you start making a comfortable living.

Can we hire stunt equipment from Havoc Stunt Services?

We do not rent mats, pads, airbags or any stunt equipment to individuals or organisations. If a coordinator is hired equipment can and will be provided.

Can I be an apprentice?

We do not have an apprenticeship program, nor a job study program in place.

Do you supply full crews (camera, D.O.P., grips etc)?

No, we only supply stunt personnel.

Can you or do you supply locations?

No, we only supply stunt personnel.

Do you also do special effects?

No, we work closely with SFX people.

Adrian Young takes a car hit.
Adrian Young takes a car hit.

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Havoc Stunt Services International is a Toronto-based international full-service film and television stunt performance company. We offer a wide variety of talent and abilities, including stunt coordinators and performers with specialist skills from car crashes and simple falls to complex swordplay and fight choreography.
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